What is CareerCafe?

CareerCafe is a service designed by industry experts to simplify the process of a job search by a candidate. It is a platform where a job seeker and employer can “virtually meet” in a most unique and simple way. In a way that enables a candidate to showcase his strengths which are otherwise not visible in a text resume. It seeks to connect the candidate to the HR Manager in a way which the HR manager finds interesting, convenient, flexible and cost-effective.

Does the name CareerCafe mean something?

No, it does not mean anything specific. It only means creating a virtual meeting place, a place where you can be relaxed, be yourself. A place where potential Employers can see your photograph and view your video resume that show-cases your strengths. CareerCafe is like a Café – where you meet friends, have a virtual cup of coffee, chit-chat, show-case your achievements … basically have fun.

How will CareerCafe help me?

Your video resume will be made available to companies/ persons who have registered with us and/or have subscribed with us. Once they see your video resume, depending upon their requirement, they may shortlist you or immediately call you for a more detailed resume or discussion.

How do I use this web site?

It is very simple. Go to the site and register yourself. Upload a photograph of yourself with some basic details. Then use a video camera, web cam, or your phone camera to make a 1 minute video of yourself. Talk about your academic qualifications, your hobbies, your interest areas and what kind of job you are looking for.

Upload this video on to the site. Make sure all details that you upload are factual and correct. You will have to accept ‘Privacy Policy and Terms of Use’ before your details and video resume can be uploaded.

Who all can see my photograph and video resume? Can I see my friend’s vResume once he uploads it.

The photograph and basic details like your name, qualifications, year of passing etc will be visible to all the visitors to the Home Page (main page) of the site. However, the video resume of a candidate is meant only for the designated / registered HR Managers, who have signed up with us. It will not be visible to anyone else on our site. The video resumes with details are not for general public.

You will not be able to see your friend’s video resume unless he shares his password with you. We as a policy do not allow participants to see each other’s Video Resume.

How is it different from other job sites?

This web-site is unique. There is no other site that we know of that helps a candidate showcase himself/ herself the way we have planned. The site allows the job-seeker to upload his/ her photograph and basic qualification details that employers might find useful. Along with this the candidate also gets a chance to upload his/ her 1 minute video that are then made available to designated/ registered HR Managers or Empoyers from different companies across different sectors. This is a site which focuses on the candidate to make his job search easier and interesting. We have a single point focus and do not try and ‘force sell’ other services to the candidates or HR heads.

Do I need to pay anything?

No, presently individual candidates do not have to pay anything for uploading their details or video resume.

Who then pays for your services?

Organizations pay us for the services we offer …. That too a very nominal fee compared to what they’d have to spend otherwise for similar services.

What kind of candidates can log in? I am not an engineer? Can I still use this service?

Any Graduate, certificate holder or under-graduate can use this service. Even if you are an arts or commerce graduate, you are most welcome to use this service to get a job and make a career for yourself. We have sections for all graduates including engineering graduates. These services can even be used by people who want to get into the Media or Fashion industry including Modeling as a career. However you have to be minimum 18 years of age.

Is there a guarantee that I’ll get a job once I log in.

There’s no such guarantee. Incidentally please be wary of all such companies that ‘guarantee jobs’.

This is a web-site that enables a candidate to showcase his/her strengths which normally are not brought out in a text resume. It gives you a chance to convey your communication skills, confidence and other aspects of your personality which are important to an HR Manager. It gives you a chance to showcase yourself.