How To

This site is totally different. This is a Job Site aimed at giving you a jump start to your career, by helping you show-case your personality and capabilities that are not 'visible' in a typical text resume.

You must have heard – A Picture Speaks A Thousand Words! Now CareerCafe gives you a chance to Upload your Photo and Video Resume … all in a matter of minutes.

Logging-in is really simple.

Go to -> New? Register Here. Click on Job Seeker if you are a Candidate looking for a Job, or Recruiter if you are a Hiring Manager from an Organization looking for Manpower for your own organization.

You will be taken to a page requesting you for few details. Please take 2-3 minutes to fill up, upload your photo and then click on Submit. It’s that simple really.

For job Seekers-

Your photo along with Basic Details will be normally uploaded within 24 working hours!

Also ensure to also upload your 1 to 2 minute video of yourself. In the video make sure you talk about:

  • Your Educational Qualifications
  • Which College/ Institute you studied from and Year of Passing/ Graduation.
  • What else you enjoyed doing during your study years and any Awards / Recognitions you may have received
  • What motivates you. Who or What inspires you.
  • What kind of a Career you are looking for.

You can upload your video using an internet connection or your mobile phone depending upon your service provider.

A Video Resume is much better than just a text resume. It gives potential Employer a much better idea of a candidate’s Personality, Confidence and Communication Skills. Take advantage of it!

Have Fun! Happy job hunting!!

And Happy Hiring to Recruiters!